2017 year

– Guinness Record at -45 degrees


Valerian was the first person to ride a bicycle, for two non-stop days, nearly half a thousand kilometers at extremely low temperatures.

Guinness world record set in the first half of February,
in far and cold Yakutia in Siberia. He rode for 48 hours – in three cycles – under extremely difficult conditions.
On the Russian “cold pole”, at temperatures falling to minus 50 degrees Celsius. He is the first man to take up such a challenge – and the VR 2017 Project has been a success.

No one has dared to ride a bike in extremely cold temperatures up to several dozen degrees below zero. He wanted to show that you can. That there are no barriers that people will not break. Ojmiakon chose the “Guinness winter” arena. A small village in Yakutia, also called a cold pole. There are records of record low temperatures, reaching even minus 70 degrees Celsius.

Extreme trial, it’s and special kind of preparation. Before leaving for Siberia, the cyclist bus ran training in “artificial frost” in Cracow. In a special thermoclimatic chamber, created by scientists of Cracow University of Technology – in conditions similar to those in Yakutia. There were also training sessions at the Włókniarz buski sanatorium.

– Here we tested ourselves and equipment at minus 75 degrees. This is a great challenge, because in such conditions the human body functions quite differently, “said Valerjan Romanovski.
He perceives himself as a perfectionist in what he does. He took every detail to prepare himself for the record.
Changing also … your menu. He decided on a special diet – based on rice, honey and greasy foods.
Valerian Romanovski does not conceal that he has been fascinated with the study of the human organism for years.
In February, VR 2017 was supported by Team Busko, who also includes architect Wawrzyniec Kuc and photographer Waclaw Laba. Their care was taken care of by the athlete and technical support.


Source: Echodnia