Valerian Romanovski beat Guinness record! – 48H Krubin

The Guinness Record in a uninterrupted, 48 hour mountain bike ride on the 800-kilometer off-road route was beaten. Valerian drove as many as 748km! Previous record is 571 km.

Valerjan Romanowski, born in Lithuania, has lived in Poland for 22 years in Busko-Zdrój. Man with character, stubborn, as he claims no impossible things. A man who does not know the proposition “can not be”.

He made a special goal. For 10 years he has worked hard to prepare himself, to learn his weaknesses, to learn to cooperate with his body, with himself. Whatever the weather – the wind, the cold, the heat, the rain persistently trained to be able to challenge the Guinnes record, but also to fight to the end and defeat themselves. Finally, to show people what really matters in life.

On Friday, July 25, 2014 at 12 o’clock, Valerian Romanowski set out to take a non-stop ride on a 748 km mountain bike in two days. He succeeded in fulfilling his aspirations, achieving the goal, breaking Guinness’s record. His struggle with himself, with the limitations of his own body, his victory dedicated all the patients with blood cancer, all those who fight, do not give up. The struggles of the sick and their persistence strengthened him. Sam has been a potential bone marrow donor for several years now.

The whole undertaking was taken by DKMS Polska Foundation – Independent Non-profit Organization – Database of Stem Cells. During Valerian’s journey, new potential bone marrow donors were organized so everyone could donate, give something away, be just a man who is not indifferent to the fate of others.