About me

I was born near Vilnius. I have been living and working in Poland for 25 years.
I lecture at the Faculty of Wood Technology at Warsaw University of Technology.

The sport has accompanied me from an early age. While living in Lithuania I practiced athletics. I began to practice cycling while already in Poland. At 26, I won my first medal at the Masters in Poland. I started to take off, with great success, in ultramaromonas at Mazovia 24 H. It feels good both long and short distances. Long-distance cycling requires continuous cooperation with your body, the nature and the fight against weakness. It allows not only physical health but also mental balance.

For several years I am a potential bone marrow donor. During the record beating, I will be aware that there are people who need help in overcoming the disease and finding their genetic twin. – With the support of the DKMS foundation (the foundation’s mission is to find a donor for every patient in the world who needs bone marrow or stem cell transplants),
I realize that I am not going to meet myself or to satisfy my own ambition, but to those who are waiting for help. I can not fail,
I have to show that it is always worth fighting, even when it seems that winning is impossible.