48h, how to bite ultramaraton – coach: Arek Kogut

Preparing for an ultramaraton bike requires three things: work, work and work again. How do you plan your workouts to improve the motor skills you need to succeed in a 48-hour ultramarathon? more..

Importance of nutrition and supplementation during the preparation period and at the time of the Guinness record – nutritionist: Paweł Grochowalski

The main dietary goal of trying to beat the Guinness record at a distance of over 721 km where the athlete’s effort lasts about 48h is to prepare the body for the right use of energy resources. Increase your reserves and adapt your body to such a long effort through appropriate training. In this case you should focus primarily on fatty acids as the main energy substrate. Already a few months earlier, by reducing carbohydrates to a minimum amount, though necessary for proper training, the body learns to draw energy from its fatty tissue. The next step is to provide an adequate amount of MTC fatty acids (mid chain) during the take-off, in order to facilitate the body’s energy from these components, as they do not require bile acids to digest them, which speeds up the processes. more…

Record-breaking project for the sick
– Interview with Valerian Romanovski

Valerjan Romanovski, last year’s winner of the Mazovia Marathon MTB 24H Marathon, struggled with his own possibilities for patients with leukemia and other cancers. On Friday, July 25th, he will attempt to beat the Guinness record for uninterrupted mountain biking for 48 hours. At this time, he wants to drive nearly 800km off the road! The DKMS Poland Foundation is a partner of this extraordinary event. more…..

Everyone has his “Guinness” – interview with Valerian Romanovski

Mazovia 24h Marathon Walerian Romanowski took on a murderous attempt to beat the Guinness record. Within 48h he drove 758 km on a MTB bike! The challenge was great, as was the ambition of Valerian Romanowski. We managed to complete the plan in 100 percent. Now only the verification of documentation and official confirmation of this unusual feat. We are glad we could take part in this. We were happy to help Waler fulfill his dream. more…