2015 YEAR

– Guinness record hit broken by weather anomaly


Valerian took off in the south together with Mazovia players 24h, from the very beginning of the record was imposed by difficult conditions by nature. Heat and dyspnoea were difficult to bear, and the strong wind effectively hindered the riders’ drive.

It is forbidden to ride on the fan (behind the competitors), so Valerjan had to make his own path, often creating a cover for other players. After 17 o’clock the wind rose, which turned the trees on the road, accompanied by lightning storms added to the bouncers to the players. After arriving in the service area of ​​the competitors, it turned out that the tent village had ceased to exist. Valerian’s place was filled with crumpled tents, and the tent for the regeneration flew away for several hundred yards. Despite the hurricane, the readers on the route still worked, and this was the most important because they recorded the distance to beat the record.

The organizer stopped the competition, Valerjan passing the destroyed tents and readers decided to continue the record beating, was halfway through the 145 km (record 260 km). He wanted to use the gusts of wind, which at this moment always blew in the back creating a funnel in the wind. After finding several energy bars in a pile of crushed tents, on his own responsibility he set out alone for the next round carried by the wind, believing that the winds would stop. After the storm, the downpour fell down, which destroyed all efforts, rain washed the route, the route became difficult to pass, it was difficult in the wall of water to achieve speeds that could drive the record.

After 2 hours the race organizer resumed the race, Valerian decided to stop this unequal fight, according to Guinness guidelines can not stop the timing of the record, unlike the time in Mazovia race 24.