Everyone has his “Guinness” – interview with Valerian Romanovski

Mazovia 24h Marathon Walerian Romanowski took on a murderous attempt to beat the Guinness record. Within 48h he drove 758 km on a MTB bike! The challenge was great, as was the ambition of Valerian Romanowski. We managed to complete the plan in 100 percent. Now only the verification of documentation and official confirmation of this unusual feat. We are glad we could take part in this. We were happy to help Waler fulfill his dream.

1. How did you physically cope? What strategy did you adopt the time you spent on rest?

I am a little surprised by the reaction of my body. Partially surprised me. I thought that after 48 hours of work I would fall unconscious and spend a few days in the hospital on observation. After 48 hours of driving I felt very well, slightly aching, but fatigue was tolerated.

The strategy was simple – to beat the record within 48 hours. I planned a quiet ride for 48 hours and kept watching as my body responded to the distance traveled. The first round was familiar so I was going for a quad. It was not a good idea because I subconsciously treated him like an opponent and went too hard with a mean heart rate of around 123. After a few hours I calmed my heart rate to 100-115 and could continue driving.

I’m well trained, trained to drive low on heart rate, so I do not tire when driving. The so-called. Fatigue is due to many hours spent in one position on a bike and from sleepless nights. I made a few short breaks for straightening my back, stretching, supplements and meals.

2. What did your team look like, how many people did and what tasks did you have?

My team consisted of 10 people. Over nutrition and proper nutrition was watched by dietitian Paweł Grochowalski, who wrote me meals every 3 hours and supplementation for 48 hours. Throughout the training sessions, we tested the entire menu and tolerance of the nutrients on my body. The food was so planned that within 48 hours we would not use the bathroom (time wastage). Under the leadership of a dietitian were four people who were changing food. I had continuous contact with trainer Ark Kogut, who constantly analyzed my data lost every round of the heart rate monitor. The trainer had 2 assistants to dump and analyze the data. I also had a bicycle serviceman from Veloart, who used to bike around. Another person, Stanisław Walasek, supervised the whole team and coordinated the team, he was also responsible for the media contacts and the image of the band.

3. Have any unforeseen events happened to you? What was the most difficult for you while driving?

The hardest planning in my head for 48 hours, never before has I been so long. On the first day when traffic on the route was noticeably smaller, I encountered a lot of wild game: beavers bushed in the overgrown pond, while hedgehogs crossed the route, I had to be careful not to hit and catch slippery, snake sunburned and reluctantly escaped, The bunnies raced in the rays of the flashlight, every moment a big bird came overhead, and it was not a crow. So I was driving and I wondered what else would surprise me on this route? (laugh)

4. How did you feel in the second after the start? When the body begins to refuse obedience and what are the symptoms?

The second day was no less difficult than the first, on the contrary. After the first day I had nearly 500 km behind me and it was already down the hill. On the second day on the tour came the players, so I had spiritual support. Every now and then someone was passing and signaling that he was with me and supporting me, it allowed me to go despite the hundreds of miles I had driven. Later I met a boy without a hand and I saw how well he coped and it would be awkward to give up without a fight 🙂

On the other hand I knew from the beginning that I would beat the Guinness record because I have no other choice. I spent a lot of time preparing, too many areas in my life I neglected due to sport. I could not disappoint the team who worked hard on the score, the Mazovia players who, through the support, made me miles past. I believe that on Mazovia we represent a high level and a record of ours. I also wanted this record to belong to a Pole.

5. Was the route well prepared? How do you rate her?

For me the harder the route, the better (laughs). I miss the 2013 route a bit. She was unique, separating the chaff from the grain. Often someone writes in forums that the route is too difficult, moaning and crying. I invite such people to myself for the training of character, I will make them men and eventually cease to smear (laughs). I am grateful to Cezary Zamanie for preparing and securing the route for 48h and I hope once I will start on Mazovia, it will be even more technically difficult:)

6. Will you take part in next year’s competition?

I can hardly tell what will be next year, something is changing in my life. Every day I have a lot of responsibilities and they are constantly arriving. My ill ambition will not allow Mazovia to be second in running in Mazovia, so I have to be well prepared and it takes a long time.

7. What plans after achieving the goal of facing the Guinness record?

Prior to beating the Guinness record, I thought the first thing I did was rest, but now I see that I was not tired (laughs). And seriously, I see that by working hard in many areas the goal can be achieved. The human body has unlimited possibilities that are asleep and not used on a daily basis. It gives me the pleasure of getting to know my potential, working with my body and listening to what he wants to tell me.

I have many plans, some are really difficult to implement, but to do :).
It takes time and money to prepare a new project. If I can meet these two conditions, it will be a new project.

In conclusion I would like to remind you what was the purpose of the Guinness record. Today we are healthy, we can compete with each other on the Mazovia routes, each of us has his Guinness to overcome and it is not that my “Guinness” is the hardest. For many, going 24 hours non-stop is a success, despite the last place on the list.
I did nothing extraordinary, I fought with my Guinness for only 48 hours. After the race I slept, rested and went on enjoying my life. Patients with leukemia struggle for much longer, sometimes even several years. If I could not beat the Guinness record, well, it would offend my ambition and it would be awkward for my colleagues :). People who lose when they lose lose their lives.

We can help them well, just like you helped me on the Mazovia route 24h to beat my Guinness record. They need our help in overcoming the disease. Therefore, keep in mind the DKMS Foundation and register as a bone marrow donor.

He talked: Marcin Dławichowski


ph. M. Dławichowski

source: http://www.mazoviamtb.pl/index24h.php?news=218